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2000 hours

Written by Nick Freedman, Founder of Retire on Purpose. 

Time is a fascinating concept. From a very young age when school begins, our day is orientated around the movement of time. What time does the school bell ring? Where do I need to be when I hear the sound?  What lesson starts after morning recess? 

Then as we grow through teen years, new questions emerge around time. How long 'til I can drive? How many years left until I finish study and start working? 


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Row, row, row your boat

Written by Brad Jobe, Retired Leadership Development Consultant.  

'The unexamined life is not worth living', said Socrates.

Now I wouldn’t be impertinent enough to challenge nor affirm this piece of Socratic wisdom, though thanks to a Christmas present gifted to me by my eldest Daughter Melinda and her family, I am (during 2021) enjoying the opportunity to discover the voracity or otherwise of what Socrates offered. At the time of writing I am 8 months into a 12-month...

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