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80,000 hours experience just walked out the door.

By Nick Freedman, CEO, Retire on Purpose.


Did you that 80,000 hours of experience walks out the door with each retiree? 

Consider for a moment how much a 60 year (who started work at 20), has invested in themselves. How many learning programs they have attended. How many challenges they have learned to tackle. And what level of resilience this has cultivated within them. They are a valuable asset within your business.  

Much this accumulated experience is what's...

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Upgrade to Retirement 2.0

Written by Nick Freedman, Founder of Retire on Purpose. 

Retirement 1.0 needs an upgrade

In so many areas of life we hear of transformation, disruption, growth mindset and evolution. It's hard to avoid this call for change in social media, technology upgrades and the news channels. And it's no different with retirement planning. The old model, which we'll call Retirement 1.0, was relatively simple. After your education finishes, you start employment, work hard for 40 years, then one day...

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Start planning before you retire.

By Bronwyn Muir, Retired NFP Leader. 

When I first told friends that I was going to retire this year they all asked me the same questions:

  •  What are you going to do?
  •  Do you have a plan? You need a plan Bronwyn.

I knew what I wanted to do, spend more time with Mum, renovate the house, read lots and lots of books, perhaps volunteer somewhere - but that was as far as I had gotten. So, no plan - just a To Do list. I Googled retirement plans and primarily got financial...

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Plan your retirement holistically

Written by Nick Freedman, Founder of Retire on Purpose.

In the article about the Retirement 2.0 mindset, we suggest that retirement planning utilises a more holistic approach. Beyond simple wealth creation, there are several other factors which contribute towards a positive and happy retirement. 

In My Game Plan , you'll learn about Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Abraham Maslow was a psychologist who explained that needs underpin all our human motivations and behaviours. A...

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