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Start planning before you retire.

By Bronwyn Muir, Retired NFP Leader. 

When I first told friends that I was going to retire this year they all asked me the same questions:

  •  What are you going to do?
  •  Do you have a plan? You need a plan Bronwyn.

I knew what I wanted to do, spend more time with Mum, renovate the house, read lots and lots of books, perhaps volunteer somewhere - but that was as far as I had gotten. So, no plan - just a To Do list. I Googled retirement plans and primarily got financial...

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What will your legacy be?

By Daven Moldrich, retired Westpac banker, currently mentoring. 

Tell us about your career, Daven.

I started at the Bank of NSW, (which later became Westpac), in 1973. I then had nearly 40 years with Westpac in multiple areas of the Bank. The beauty of the size of Westpac is the wide range of diverse roles I was able to take on.  My roles ranged from being a Corporate Manger, Regional Commercial Manager, Head of HR in Corporate & Institutional, Private Bank Director and Head of...

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We need to feel better about ageing in order to age better

by Micaela Bartels, PR-OUD founder

‘Old’ is one of those words that will sooner or later define ourselves, whether we like it or not. In general, we prefer to ignore that fact and secretly hope that we can dodge that bullet. But here’s a simple truth: unless someone is planning on dying young he will eventually find himself being old. There is no way around it. So why is it, that we have communally decided that ‘old’ isn’t a great thing?

 This paradox...

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It's all about balance

By Pip Malin, Westpac semi-retired banking professional.   
In this series of short interviews, we share ideas, wisdom and musings from those people who are nearing, have recently or are fully retired. Pip's message is useful for us all, whatever our life stage.   
For those of you thinking about retiring, I thought I'd share some of my thoughts about the importance of balance, when you move through this big life transition. It has now been...
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