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We need to feel better about ageing in order to age better

by Micaela Bartels, PR-OUD founder

‘Old’ is one of those words that will sooner or later define ourselves, whether we like it or not. In general, we prefer to ignore that fact and secretly hope that we can dodge that bullet. But here’s a simple truth: unless someone is planning on dying young he will eventually find himself being old. There is no way around it. So why is it, that we have communally decided that ‘old’ isn’t a great thing?

 This paradox...

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80,000 hours experience just walked out the door.

By Nick Freedman, CEO, Retire on Purpose.


Did you that 80,000 hours of experience walks out the door with each retiree? 

Consider for a moment how much a 60 year (who started work at 20), has invested in themselves. How many learning programs they have attended. How many challenges they have learned to tackle. And what level of resilience this has cultivated within them. They are a valuable asset within your business.  

Much this accumulated experience is what's...

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Find a successor who fits the culture


Written by Nick Freedman, Founder of Retire on Purpose. 

On 20 September 2018, Enigma, one of Australia’s largest independent agencies hosted their annual Brand Summit. I was invited to speak at the event and chose to share my experience as a management consultant, helping businesses build great culture. In the talk I explain what culture and it's impact on building a brand. The room was full of 200 marketeers at the iconic Foghorn Brewery in Newcastle. 

Culture is important...

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