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Humans of HR podcast

Retire on Purpose
Humans of HR podcast

by Nick Freedman. 

Humans of HR is a podcast and a social movement focused on the everyday challenges people experience at work. Powered by the team at Leapgen. I was interviewed by David Guazarotto about how to successfully transition from the end of their career into a great retirement, with renewed purpose, as well as finding and recruiting a successor before departing. 

David and I had a fascinating and salient conversation about Retirement 2.0 and how individuals should take a proactive approach to managing their own game plan for retirement that isn't just focused on their finances, and how organisations can elevate their EVP and manage succession risk by focusing on the important cohort who are transitioning to retirement.

Here’s the link for the Spiral Dynamics book mentioned in the episode. https://www.booktopia.com.au/spiral-dynamics-prof-don-edward-beck/book/9781405133562.html?



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