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Becoming a solopreneur


Written by Nick Freedman, Founder of Retire on Purpose. 

Mapping out a great retirement starts on a big, blank sheet of paper. The possibilities are endless and while some seek a more relaxed existence, not everyone is content with a weekly cycle of golf and lunches. On our flagship program, My Game Plan, you get to uncover the purpose for your next phase of life as you enter retirement. And for many, finding their purpose awakens a deep seated passion to do something new with their life. 

If you know, like Chris Mackenzie did, you still have plenty of fuel left in your tank, one obvious idea is a business start-up. And to avoid the stress of large overheads and employees, becoming a self employed consultant is an easy way to get started. This simple structure enables you to share your wisdom and knowledge with others. Then as a solo entrepreneur, or 'solopreneur', you join a growing band of people that enjoy life in a semi-retired state. You can still work, but it's on your terms. 

And within this field of solopreneurship, new areas of challenge present themselves, about how to manage your business. I've been flying solo since 2002, so when Newco Sydney  asked me to help them launch their new event in 2017, I created a talk on how to become a solopreneur. I met some amazing people through the process, which was hosted at UTS business school and I was lucky that my good mate Rich was able to film it. The talk illustrates the 8 skills solopreneurs can focus on to be successful. You can watch part 1 above and part 2 here.

If you are pondering your retirement options, take a look our program called My Game Plan, which helps you transition from your career into retirement with renewed purpose, a holistic game plan, and peace of mind about your future.


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