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Add new value to your clients. 


As baby boomers retire and live longer, the old thinking of retirement being a long holiday is no longer working. We educate people how to plan and enjoy a purpose-fuelled, holistic retirement, which we call 'Retirement 2.0'. 


We need your help to spread this work and are giving you the ability to use Retirement 2.0 tools with your clients, in quick, simple ways that add new types of value.


Our learning program called My Game Plan is a great value added extra for your pre/early retiree clients. It takes care of all the 'non-financial' areas of retirement and acts as perfect complement to your expert financial advice.


If you're a financial adviser who wants to add extra 'non financial' value to your clients, plus use our marketing tools to attract new clients, take a look at the program below. 

Use our tools with your clients. 

Program Overview (4.5 hours CPD):

This program teaches financial advisers how to use My Game Plan and the Retirement 2.0 tools to add new value to clients and attract new ones. Upon completion you get emailed a CPD certificate (4.5 CPD hours). The program workbook and 6 easy to follow videos teach you how to: 

1 - Add a new kind of 'non-financial' value to your clients 

2 - Use our Retirement 2.0 ebook, film and tools to educate your clients 

3 - Build your own Game Plan 

 4 - Sign up your clients to My Game Plan (using discounted price tickets)

5 - Debrief My Game Plan with clients 

6 - Use our marketing tools to attract new clients. 

You'll get free access to complete My Game program yourself plus 2 x $197 My Game Plan tickets for your clients. By selling the 2 tickets, it reduces the cost of this program to $303 ($697 - $394). And if you're unhappy in any way with the program, we offer you a 24 hour money back refund.   

Sign up to the program

You will acquire 4.5 CPD hours.

Retirement 2.0 Adviser Tools is accredited by Association of Independently Owned Finance Professionals (AIOFP) for 4.5 hours Continuing Professional Development. Code AFPCP24A21011. CPD category - Client Care and Practice. Competency - Specialist Knowledge. You'll be emailed a certificate on completion of the program. 


Is this program any good?


If I put myself in your shoes I'd want to know about the program calibre. To experience a sample lesson, you can watch Lesson 2 from the program here, which explains all about the tools you can use with your clients. 


Download the ebook here

You can use our film


The classical thinking about retirement needs an upgrade. We are re-educating people about what's changed and our film is the first step. You get to use the film to add new value to existing clients and also as a lead generation tool to attract new ones. Watch the trailer here, or click the button below to see the whole film.   

Watch the Retirement 2.0 Film

Attract New Clients


There are many ways to use My Game Plan to grow your business. This picture explains how you can use the film as a lead generation tool to attract new clients. After completing the program we give you the film trailer to add to a landing page on your website. By using the film and calendly, you can both educate and engage new leads to book in a discovery call with you. 

Ready to get started? Click here.

Nick Freedman, CEO Retire on Purpose (not a Financial Adviser). 


I focus on the 'non-financial stuff', by teaching a learning program called My Game Plan which helps your pre and post retirees clients create a holistic game plan for their future.  I have positively impacted 10,000+ lives since I became a coach and facilitator in 2003. I have worked all over the world, done a TEDx talk and spent two years crafting My Game Plan before launching. Our learning programs are accredited as CPD by the Association of Independently Owned Financial Professionals and I speak regularly at some of Australia's leading dealer groups and finance businesses, including Westpac. 

Click here to talk directly to me about using our programs.

Trusted Advisor for 20 years. 

Nick Freedman has created and taught over 100 personal and leadership development programs from global brands to small businesses. He now partners with leading financial advisors all around the world. Connect on linked in here.

Credible Thought Leadership


We are spreading awareness about the benefits of Retirement 2.0 in the media, such as articles written by Nick, published on Westpac Wire and this recent podcast on Marcus Today. 

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