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Retire on Purpose

Our learning journeys help you hand down your legacy to a successor, and transition into retirement with fresh purpose.


Build your Game Plan

Create a holistic retirement vision and roadmap for 6 areas of your work and life.

Uncover your Purpose

Awaken your passion and purpose to enter your retirement years with excitement.

Pass on your Legacy

Transfer your career wisdom to a successor to leave behind your professional legacy.

My Game Plan

Our flagship program helps you transition from your career into retirement with renewed purpose, a holistic game plan, and peace of mind about your future.


My Legacy

This program helps you find, recruit and mentor your successor, so you can hand down your legacy.


"Nick helped me map out my ideal retirement. I moved to the country, lead a balanced healthy life and mix my new purpose, working in a charity, with a few consulting gigs too. This was an outstanding course that helped me create my new life. 10 out of 10 from me! "

Howard Pelquest-Hunt
CEO, B2B Accounting

"When I left my corporate career, to become my own boss, Nick's program and intuitive free-flowing coaching questions, were instrumental in helping me clarify the purpose, values and brand name for my new business. An hour with Nick, saved me hours and gave me clear direction. "

Brad Jobe
Founder, Chief Consulting

"Through this program, Nick helped me live my life with the realisation the best is yet to come. It helps you find your true wisdom, and purposefully pursue your dreams, at the time when you’re ready to move on from your career. This is the best gift you can give yourself or your retiring team members! "

Linda Mayer
Chateau retreat leader (ex-HRD).

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