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Our learning programs help to grow your business. 




The starting point of any growth plan is having a clearly laid out strategic roadmap that builds a bridge between the current reality and desired future reality. Our bespoke workshops will give you this and the short film here explains more. Plus you can download these 2 tools below to begin your thinking process.    

Download Integral Map
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Culture plays a big part in your business growth. It's often overloooked as being less important than strategy. When you understand the integral model clearly, you'll see the two are interconnected. Watch my keynote talk to understand more. The case study and ebook you can download below, offer detail on how we can help you.   

Download Culture Ebook
Download Cultural Alignment Tool


Mindset plays a key part in the growth of your business. We adopt the 'inside out' approach to developing your people. There's no point teaching skills unless people also have a clear understanding of what makes them tick on the inside.  Our values profile raises self awareness and you can try this out here yourself by watching this video and downloading the values profile below.  

Download Values Profile


Since 2003, I have built and taught over 100 unique programs, which have enabled a wide range of positive results. Personal growth always leads onto business growth. Our programs are bespoke and designed to match the most pressing needs in your business. This short video explains what types of programs we offer.   


Download Disc Leadership Profile
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 If you would like to find out more, book in a call with me here or call me on (02) 8599 9376. 

Trusted Advisor for 20 years. 

Nick Freedman has created and taught over 100 personal and leadership development programs from global brands to small businesses. He now partners with leading financial advisors all around the world.

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